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It’s common knowledge that sending a parcel from the United States to South Africa might take a few weeks if not a couple of months before it arrives here.

But, a family from KwaZulu-Natal was shocked when they received a notice to collect a parcel at the Kloof Post Office that was sent from New York 13 years ago.

Sanja Hanekom and her husband said they watched in “absolute amazement” when the parcel was handed over to them. The parcel was very heavy, looked battered and it was excessively taped up.

On the parcel, a postal stamp clearly stated it was originally sent in 2010.

Hanekom told News24 that they were shocked when they calculated just how long it took for the parcel to arrive in South Africa.

“My dad always sends me stuff from that side, and the parcels always arrive. This one was different, it arrived 13 years later, a few months after my daughter had turned 13. How weird is that?”

At first, Hanekom said her dad couldn’t even remember what was in the parcel that he packed and posted 13 years ago.

Hanekom said the parcel contained tea, other items that were destroyed and a pair of takkies that was initially sent for their newborn baby at the time. Their daughter recently turned 13 years old.

Image credit: Escape Artist

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