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A federal judge in the United States has been asked to order the release of Prince Harry’s immigration records. This comes after the prince admitted to using illegal drugs in his memoir, Spare.

In his book, Prince Harry admitted to using cocaine, psychedelics and marijuana.

According to US immigration laws, visa applicants can be barred from entry if they admit to having used illegal drugs in the past. There are, however, exceptions and waivers can be granted.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative US think tank based in Washington, said there is a “widespread public and press interest” in this particular case.

The Foundation used other celebrities as examples, like British singer Amy Winehouse and Argentinian football star Maradona, who were denied entry into the United States because of admitting to using drugs.

This is not the first time that the Department of Homeland Security has declined the release of the prince’s immigration file without his consent.

The government responded to The Heritage Foundation’s request by saying although there “may be some public interest in the records sought”, there’s no compelling need to release the records.

Image credit: The Independent

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