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A couple in England kept an ornament in their garden for decades without knowing it was actually an unexploded missile.

Jeffrey Edwards has lived in the home for 74 years and inherited it from the previous owners when he moved in with his family.

Jeffrey later married Sian and they lived in the house as a married couple. Jeffrey said the bomb was originally delivered to them by horse and cart more than 100 years ago.

As an ornament, the unexploded missile has been played with by children, tapped with a garden trowel and painted.

Earlier this month, the police paid a visit to the Edwards’ home and said they would need to take the unexploded missile to be investigated by the Ministry of Defence. Later that night, Jeffrey got a call to inform him the bomb squad would have to detonate the bomb the next day. The entire street had to be evacuated.

Jeffrey told Sky News that they “didn’t sleep a wink that night”.

“We’ve lived in this house for 41 years, have known it all these years, and I told the bomb squad ‘if you evacuate the street the wife and I are not leaving our home – we’re staying here.”

Image credit: Sky News

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