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The busiest city in the world is about to get a makeover… underground.

The Metro network in Paris was built in the 1990s and carries around 4 million passengers per day.

The system is struggling to cope with the massive number of passengers daily and the ageing facilities. Another problem is the outlying areas where there is no connection to the network.

But, things are about to change with the arrival of the Grand Paris Express. This new 200-kilometre system will add an extra four lines and 68 new stations.

The new stations will connect suburban towns without passing through the central part of Paris. Currently, passengers on the outskirts of the city have to go through the densely populated city to get to another area outside of the city.

Construction has already begun in 2016 and has been named the biggest civilian infrastructure project in Europe.

The first train was debuted during a special event with music and a show of lasers. The 108-meter-long train is the first of its kind produced by Alstom, especially for the Grand Paris Express.

Image credit: Rick Stevens Europe

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