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Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei confirmed that even though South Africa’s chances of hosting another F1 is very likely, Johannesburg is the more likely candidate when compared to Cape Town.

“There’s a potential desire to do another Asian race. We’ve had interest from places like Indonesia, going back to Malaysia, and there’s been interest in other South American countries, Argentina and Colombia,” Maffei said.

The sport has decided not to replace the Russian GP this year. The race was cancelled due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

The New York Times claims a deal between former F1 and host Kyalami is “close to being completed”.

News24 reports that some, however, are concerned that Formula 1 is too aggressively pushing into new markets by marginalising some of the sport’s most historic European venues, including France and even Monaco.

F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali has said that South Africa is the “most likely” new venue for F1 that he hopes to happen “as soon as possible.”

“For those saying we are pushing too far and not being respectful to racing in Europe, this is wrong,” insisted the Italian.

“What we are doing is pushing the system for a different approach, to force the promoters to think big because the level of the events we are building is getting bigger.”

Kyalami CEO Toby Venter has confirmed that renewed interest in the media about the possibility of Formula 1 returning to Kyalami is exciting.

“We, like you, remain hopeful that Formula 1 will return to Kyalami.”

Image credit: Planet F1

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