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When Torbjorn ‘Thor’ Pederson decided to travel to every country in the world, it wasn’t that remarkable. Not until he decided to travel to every country without flying.

He decided to spend at least 24 hours in every single country and promised himself that he will not go home to Denmark if he hadn’t reached his goal yet.

He set a tight budget for himself by living on about $20 a day.

Did he manage to do it? Yes.

He left Denmark on 10 October 2013 and almost 10 years later, he reached his 203rd and final country, the Maldives. After successfully visiting every country in the world, he could have gotten on a plane and fly home, but he wanted to complete his project.  

The 44-year-old travelled through Malaysia via Sri Lanka. He boarded the container ship MV Milan Maersk and started his 33-day long trip home.

“In my cabin, I looked out the porthole in Malaysia, and it dawned on me that every day the view would gradually change until it finally became Denmark,” Pederson told CNN.

Pederson eventually arrived home on 26 July where 150 people waited for him.

Image credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

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