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The city of Surat in India has been on the world map thanks to a new office block.

The Surat Diamond Bourse has been named the world’s biggest office blocks. It houses over 65,000 diamond professionals. The building houses, among others, cutters, polishers and traders.

Staying true to its origin, the building features nine rectangular structures protruding from a central spine.

The building consists of 15 floors and it’s set on 35 acres of land.

The city of Surat is where about 90% of the world’s diamonds are cut, so it’s not surprise that it would be home to not only the world’s biggest diamond related office block, but also the world’s biggest office block.

The buildings feature marble floors with 4,700 office spaces. The office spaces can also double as small workshops in case the cutting and polishing of diamonds have to take place.

The development cost $388 million to construct and houses 131 lifts plus dining facilities, retail shops, a wellness centre and conference facilities for workers.

The opening is expected to take place later this year.

Image credit: Surat Diamond Bourse

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