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The Big Mac is about to become an even Bigger Mac.

McDonald's in the United States has announced that they plan to make their burgers bigger than ever.

CEO Chris Kempczinksi said that in the US, in a number of markets, around the world, having a larger burger is an opportunity.

“We’re working on that. That is something that you should expect in the future.”

That’s not the only improvement the fast food chain is planning. The taste of the burger is also about to change as they will be using softer buns and cheese that’s more gooey.

“We’ve listened to our customers. And we understand their desire for larger, high-quality burgers that fill you up.”

At first, the group plans to test the new options in limited markets. Once they managed to perfect the new offering, it will be introduced to the rest of the United States and eventually the rest of the world.

It’s no secret that several markets worldwide are struggling economically, but the fast food chain says even though the new burger will be bigger, it won’t break the bank.

“We think we’re going to be able to deliver a great-tasting large burger at a superior value to what customers can get anywhere else.”

Image credit: Delicious

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