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A highly active volcano has erupted in the West Sumatra province of Indonesia’s Sumatra island. The eruption has left 11 climbers dead and 12 missing.

Indonesia is known for its massive number of active volcanos – 127. That’s more than anywhere else in the world. The country and all its islands are located on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Located at 2,891 metres above sea level, Mount Marapi is among the country’s most active. Following its eruption on Sunday, volcanic ash and massive plumes of smoke were sent into the sky.

According to local authorities, a team of 40 rescuers are currently on the mountain while the volcano is still erupting.

Three climbers were found alive, but 11 have died. There are still 12 climbers missing but their condition is unknown at this stage.

CNN reports that officials monitoring Marapi’s movement warned of potential dangers from Sunday’s eruption, including flowing molten lava which could reach roads and nearby rivers.

Photos circulating on news networks and social media platforms show cars, roads and entire villages near the volcano covered in ash.

Climbing routes and trails in the area have been closed while all activities within 2 miles of the volcano have been barred.

Image credit: NPR

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