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A miniature pet possum caused havoc on board a China Eastern Airlines flight and caused the passengers to disembark.

The flight from Shanghai to Jinan was delayed because a passenger “violated the regulations and took a pet sugar glider on board the plane”, a statement released by the Shanghai Police International Airport branch said.

The miniature pet possum looks a lot like a flying squirrel. It broke loose from its owner and hid in the cabin. The cabin crew and fellow passengers were unable to catch it. This caused the crew to ask passengers to temporarily disembark the plane.

“The pet escaped in the cabin and was captured by others.”

The incident, which took place on flight MU5599 from Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai, made headlines after a video showing a flight attendant kneeling on the ground and looking for the possum went viral on social media.

After the possum was caught and the passengers were allowed to board again, police said the delay was due to “safety reasons”. The possum’s owner was taken into custody.

“Currently, Guo (the owner) has been placed under administrative detention by the police in accordance with the law for her illegal behaviour of disrupting order on public transportation.”

Image credit: CNN

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