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A child has died because of a mysterious liver outbreak that has affected children in the United States and Europe.

At least 169 cases of ‘acute hepatitis of unknown origin’ have been reported to the United Nations (UN) from 12 different countries.

The first case was reported in Britain where 114 children have been diagnosed so far.

Although it’s not clear in which country the death occurred, children ranging from one month to 16 years old have been diagnosed with the disease.

A shocking 17 of those who fell ill had to get liver transplants.

“It is not yet clear if there has been an increase in hepatitis cases, or an increase in awareness of hepatitis cases that occur at the expected rate but go undetected,” the World Health Organisation (WHO) said in a statement.

“While adenovirus is a possible hypothesis, investigations are ongoing for the causative agent.”

WHO also further noted that the virus has been detected in at least 74 of the cases. At least 20 of the children tested positive for the coronavirus.

Those countries affected by the disease, have confirmed to WHO that they are stepping up their surveillance of hepatitis cases in children.

An investigation is ongoing.

Image credit: NBC News

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