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Wilgenhof Residence’s doors will be closed permanently at the end of the 2024 academic year. This was announced by Stellenbosch University after a panel consisting of the university’s Deputy Registrar of Governance, Ethics and Compliance; an advocate; and a former university executive made the suggestion.

This comes after the residence made headlines in January when items and messages relating to initiation-like incidents were found. It’s believed the two rooms hold many years of secrets with everyone linked to them sworn to secrecy.

A recent investigation by news publications brought to light information about the two rooms and the activities that took place in them.

The suggestion made by the panel to close the residence was unanimously accepted by the university’s Rectorate.

In a statement, the university announced the closing of Wilgenhof.

“The Rector will now recommend to Council that Wilgenhof Residence should be closed and that alternative uses be considered for the buildings. Council will consider the Rector’s recommendations at its meeting on June 24.”

The university’s Rector, Professor Wim de Villiers, assured staff, students and parents that the university will continue its commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive university.

“If [the recommendation] is accepted by Council, [it] will result in the closure of Wilgenhof at the end of the 2024 academic year.”

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