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A gunman was shot dead by police in Brussels after it’s believed he killed two Swedish men in the city.

On Monday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announced a level 4 security threat level after news broke that two Swedish national were killed in an apparent terrorist attack. A third person was wounded in the attack.

The tourists were in the city for the Euro 2024 football match between Sweden and Belgium.

After killing the two people, the gunman escaped on a moped. A massive manhunt was launched by police.

On Monday night, a Tunisian national took to social media and identified himself as the killer. Abdeselem Al Guiliani was a Tunisian gunman who lived in Belgium illegally and it’s believed he was 45 years old.

He claimed he was a member of the Islamic State.

De Croo announced on Tuesday that the security threat level was lowered from 4 to 3, although the level for the entire country was kept as a 3, the second highest level.

“We managed to neutralise the guilty person. So there was no longer any imminent threat.”

Al Guiliani was shot dead by police in a café situated in the Schaerbeek area of Brussells.

Image credit: The Telegraph

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