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If you’re ordering at local South African restaurant and the waiter asks if you want fries with your order, nine of out of 10 times the answer is usually yes without even thinking about it.

If, however, you get the chance to order at New York’s Serendipity restaurant and the waiter asks if you want fries with your order, double-check your travel budget before you just say yes.

That’s because the restaurant now offers a plate of fries at a jaw-dropping price of $200. That’s about R3,000.

Sprinkled with edible gold and seasoned with truffle salt and truffle oil, they are served on a crystal plate with an orchid, thin-sliced truffles, and a Mornay cheese dip. The sauce, too, is infused with truffles, a rare seasonal mushroom, reports CNN.

Besides owning the title of the Guinness World Record for most expensive French fries in the world, the Serendipity restaurant also owns the title for the most expensive burger sold for $295 and the most expensive ice cream sundae sold for $1,000.

So, why would a restaurant like Serendipity sell the world’s most expensive fries? According to the corporate executive chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert, the restaurant was closed during the pandemic, and they thought it would be a good way to announce its reopening.

“It’s been a rough year and a half for everyone, and we need to have some fun now,” said Calderone.

Image credit: Mashed

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