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During one of her shows in Las Vegas, singer Adele made it clear that the current trend of throwing items at singers while they’re performing is not her kind of thing at all.

Between chicken nuggets thrown at Harry Styles and several different flying objects thrown at Bebe Rexha and Kelsea Ballerini recently and injuring both of them, things are getting out of hand and Adele has had enough.

Bebe was hit by a phone in the face and Ballerini was hit in the eye by a bracelet.

“Have you noticed how people are like forgetting fu(%ing show etiquette at the moment?” the singer asked her audience. “People just throwing sh*t on stage. Have you seen them?”

Luckily, Adele saw the lighter side of things when she joked:

“I fu&*ing dare you. Dare you to throw something at me, and I’ll fu%$ng kill you.”

Another singer who was recently caught off guard while performing in London was Pink when one of her fans threw their mother’s ashes on stage.

Pink took a brief pause and quickly moved the ashes to a different part of the stage before carrying on with her performance.

Image credit: CNN

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