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Today is the day the very humble chocolate gets its time to shine because it’s World Chocolate Day.

Food24 did a survey to find out which chocolate is South Africa’s favourite and the results were interesting.

Between the three different types of chocolate (dark, milk and white) it was obvious that milk chocolate is the country’s preferred choice with 61% voting for it. In second place was dark chocolate with 28% of the votes and in third place was white chocolate with a mere 10%.

If you’re going to add something to chocolate, 48% of the people who participated in the survey prefers nuts. Biscuits came in second place with 28% and fruit came in third place with 5%. What a way to make sure you get your five-a-day in.

It’s clear that Cadbury is South Africa’s favourite chocolate brand as it received 93% of the votes, followed by Nestle with 4% and Beacon with 3%.

It seems that even with the daily hustle and bustle, South Africans make time to take a little break sometime because the KitKat has been named our favourite chocolate with 38% of the votes. It is followed by Lunch Bar in second place with 29% of the votes, followed by Bar One (22%) and Snickers with 11% of the votes.

Dark, milk or white? With nuts, fruit or biscuits? Or with absolutely nothing. Whichever way you prefer your chocolate, make sure you have one today.

Image credit: Jagran Josh

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