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Imagine a representative from an airline reaching out to you so that they can get to know you better so that they can give you the very best of service when you fly.

That’s what the concierges at Bark Air promise to do before dogs fly with them. Yes, that’s right. No humans, only dogs.

Bark Airlines has two routes that will be available from June: From New York to Los Angeles; and New York to London.

During the flight, dogs will be allowed to roam the entire plane as soon as it’s safe. So, no need to put your dog in a kennel knowing that they’ll spend hours in the cargo area.

Your dog can expect a first-class experience with a fast pass through security and comfy seating on board. Bark Airlines promises that there will never be more than 10 people on board so that your pup has enough space to play and run around.

Before your dog’s flight, a concierge from the airline will get you to know you and your dog to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

Your ticket also includes luggage and a transfer from the airport when you arrive at your destination. Except for the dogs having the time of their lives, no under-18s are allowed so you know it’ll be a smooth flight.

But, of course, this comes with a hefty luggage tag… Sorry, price tag. The price for a flight is just under R150,000. Sorry.

Image credit: Fast Company

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