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An American has eaten pizza every single day of his life for six years.

Even on his wedding day, Kenny Wilde had pizza. The Connecticut native hasn’t missed a day of having pizza after being dared six years ago.

“I used to work for a company that looks after heating and cooling systems. My colleague and I would be on the road all day, and the quickest thing for me to grab to eat was a pizza.”

He accepted his colleague’s dare with pleasure.

“I bet you couldn’t eat it every day for a week.”

After he completed the dare for a week, it was extended to a month and that turned into a year.

Kenny thanks his metabolism for still being skinny. “I’m actually pretty skinny. I guess I can thank my metabolism for that.”

All his pizza eating isn’t for nothing as Kenny hopes to earn a Guinness Book of World Records. So far, this dare-turned-habit has earned him a job as a salesman at a pizza box company.

“It’s the perfect job for me, as I can travel and try pizzas from all over the country.”

Image credit: News18

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