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A woman in the United States has, on more than one occasion, been mistaken for a baby when she books a flight.

101-year-old Patricia, who didn’t want to share her surname, was born in 1922. American Airline’s system is unable to compute that Patricia is still alive and able to fly. The system automatically changes her birth date to 2022.

This glitch means that staff are expecting a baby and not an elderly woman.

She told the BBC that she sees the funny side of it, but would prefer that the airline’s system gets updated.

“It was funny that they thought I was only a little child and I’m an old lady!”

Although she sees the funny side of things, she says the airport staff never have walking aids ready for her when they land because they’re expecting a baby who’ll be carried or in a pram.

American Airlines didn’t comment on the matter, but Patricia says it’s happened before and it’ll probably happen again.

Image credit: Yahoo Lifestyle

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