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The famous windmill on top of the Moulin Rouge cabaret club in Paris fell to the ground during the early hours of Thursday morning.

The blades, along with the first three letters of the Moulin Rouge sign could be seen lying on the floor.

Local police confirmed that there weren’t any injuries.

While the blades could be seen lying on the floor with some of them bent, workers later secured them against the façade of the club and covered them in green tarpaulin for safety reasons.

The Moulin Rouge is a world-famous cabaret club and has been cemented as a fixture in Parisian nightlife since it opened in 1889. It’s a popular tourist destination as well.

It is located in the northern parts of the city at the foot of Montmartre Hill. The cabaret’s distinctive red windmill blades are a landmark in the French capital.

A Moulin Rouge official told AFP news agency that the cabaret’s technical teams do a check on the windmill mechanism every week and no problems were indicated. The matter was blamed on a technical problem and no foul play is suspected.

In July, Paris will welcome the world when they host the Summer Olympics.

Image credit: Sky News

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