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Switzerland is one step closer to ban the Nazis’ swastika emblem. This movement forms part of the country’s crackdown on extremist symbols. Switzerland is known for being a neutral country that openly discourages extremist acts and symbols.

Since the recent attacks by Hamas in Israel, antisemitic incidents have increased in Switzerland. These incidents urged the lower house of parliament to vote to prohibit the famous symbol used by former German leader Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party.

A speedy implementation has been recommended and this has already been approved by the Swiss upper house.

Justice Minister Beat Jans told parliament that extremist symbols have no place in the country.

“Racially discriminatory, violent, extremist and especially National Socialist symbols have no place in our society and should not be used in public.”

It’s now up to the Swiss cabinet to draft the necessary legislation. The ban will make it illegal to wear, publicly display or spread racist, violent or extremist symbols.

This will include propaganda materials, gestures, slogans and flags.

Image credit: The Economic Times

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