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Three African runners deliberately slowed down near the Beijing Marathon’s finish line so that a Chinese runner could win.

That’s according to the race’s organisers who have since disqualified all four athletes and revoked their trophies and medals. Their bonuses will also be withdrawn.

He Jie from China can be seen pushed to the front and encouraged by the African runners.

The African athletes are Willy Mnangat and Robert Keter from Kenya, as well as Dejene Haily from Ethiopia.

When the video went viral in China, it caused major uproar with many people calling on the race’s organisers to investigate.

Local sports company Xtep sponsors both He and the marathon. The company invited the three African runners to join the race as pacemakers.

Organisers say Xtep failed to inform them that the three African athletes were to be pacemakers and not actual competitors.

Image credit: YouTube

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