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American passports are welcome in most countries and it’s not often those lucky enough to hold it will need a visa to enter a country. The same applies to passport holders from Canada and Australia.

The same can’t be said for Brazilian passport holders. Like many third-world countries, including South Africa, there’s a long list of requirements for Brazilians wanting to travel to these three countries. It includes bank statements, expensive visa fees, proof of payment, proof of accommodation and more.

Now, Brazilian authorities are turning the tables on these first-world countries known for being extremely strict with their visa requirements.

From 10 April 2025, passport holders from countries like Canada, the United States and Australia will be required to apply for visas at a cost of just under $100.

CNN reports that a letter of intent should detail the dates and purpose of the trip, as well as confirmed details of where they’ll be staying. Proof of residence in the US, and return tickets to Brazil (or, if not, a signed return declaration), and proof of income will also be required.

Travellers will also be required to show three months’ worth of bank statements, their last six payslips and an average of $2,000 in their bank account.

Image credit: Skift

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