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Local police in Los Angeles have revealed that a massive cash heist took place on Easter Sunday. The thieves managed to steal $30 million and caused experts to call this one of the biggest heists in the city’s history.

The heist took place at a money storage facility in the city’s San Fernando Valley area. The facility is used to handle and store cash from businesses in the region.

Now, an expert believes the thieves managed to do such a flawless job that the case might go unsolved.

The New York Post reports that the polished criminals snuck into the site through its roof and accessed a safe without setting off any alarms.

The thieves managed to take the cash that’s believed to have weighed just over 300 kilograms in $100 bills.

According to reports, a burglary crew broke through the roof of the building and gained access to the vault. At this stage, it’s still unclear how they managed to avoid the alarm system as it’s believed the building has one of the best systems on the market.

Those working inside the building only realised that the money had been stolen when they opened the vault on Monday morning. Footage has since shown a massive hole in the side of the building that’s been closed with plywood.

Image credit: CBS

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