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A shop owner in the Orkney islands of Scotland has decided to turn his mishap into a charity fundraiser and now Nestle is on board as well.

Dan Dafydd accidentally bought 720 Easter eggs instead of the 80 he was meant to buy.

After making headlines about his comical over-order Nestle UK & Ireland agreed to match donations up to £10,000 to help the fundraising effort reach £20,000 by Easter Sunday.

On the island of Sanday where he lives, there are only 494 residents so he could give every single resident an egg and there will still be left.

Now, Dan has decided to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution with 100 of the eggs that he had bought mistakenly. His raffle consists of 1 lucky winner who could win all 100 eggs. So far, he has already raised more than 3,000 pounds for the charity.

Sky News reports that Nestle UK and Ireland have also agreed to match donations of the raffle up to 10,000 pounds to help the fundraising effort reach 20,000 pounds by Easter Sunday.

Since being featured in the media, people from all over the world have contacted Dan to buy raffle tickets.

Image credit: Sky News

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