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The home of Sean Diddy Combs AKA Puff Daddy has been raided by a team specializing in human trafficking crimes. This is according to a senior federal law enforcement official from the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The investigation comes after several civil lawsuits were put forth against the American singer. Combs has denied the allegations.

In the lawsuits, Combs has been accused of sexual misconduct in five separate lawsuits. These lawsuits were filed over the last few months. It’s unclear which lawsuits were being investigated during the raid.

In November, Combs’ former girlfriend, Cassandra Cassie Ventura, filed a lawsuit against the singer. The paperwork stated that Combs allegedly raped her, forced her to engage in sex trafficking and years of abuse.

The case never went to court as the two parties settled outside of court.

A week later, another woman filed a lawsuit accusing Combs of drugging and sexually insulting her in 1991. A month later, an anonymous woman filed a federal lawsuit saying Combs trafficked and gang raped her in 2003 when she was underage.

And now, just recently, a former employee of Combs, Rodney Jones, filed a lawsuit accusing the singer of sexual assault and leading a “widespread and dangerous criminal sex trafficking organization” among other allegations.

The singer wasn’t seen at his home in Miami during or after the raid.

Image credit: People

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