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The French capital has played host to several important races and tournaments, but the Course des Cafes is a major highlight for many reasons.

The race consists of Paris’ finest waiters running or speed-walking along a 2-kilometre route while carrying a tray with a cup of coffee, a croissant, and a glass of water. The waiters must race through the streets of Paris while being cheered on by onlookers.

Two hundred of the city’s finest waiters participated in the event which required them to finish the race as fast as they could without spilling a drop or dropping anything. It goes without saying that no eating was allowed either.

This was the first time in 12 years that the race took place after it was cancelled 12 years ago due to budget constraints. As the country gets ready for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, the city of lights has once again revived the event.

CNN reports that several city officials also participated in the race, including the mayor of central Paris, Ariel Weil and the two deputy mayors of Paris in charge of Olympic affairs and business, Pierre Rabadan and Nicolas Bonnet Ouladj.

Image credit: Chartres

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