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A 23-year-old man is presumed dead after he fell overboard the MSC Euribia.

Liam Jones from the United Kingdom texted his wife shortly before he fell overboard, complaining of feeling seasick. He is presumed dead.

Jones was on the MSC Euribia and toured Northern Europe for seven days. The family was on the cruise from Southampton to Amsterdam to celebrate his mother’s birthday.

The Scottish social worker was last seen on board the ship by his sister shortly before they arrived in Hamburg.

It’s believed Jones fell overboard a day after the ship left Southampton in England. MSC confirmed that a passenger went missing during the cruise and that a police investigation is ongoing.

Police boarded the ship when it returned to Southampton as scheduled.

A spokesperson for MSC Cruises confirmed this. “A passenger on board MSC Euribia went overboard on March 16 as the ship was sailing to Hamburg. This was reported to the authorities.”

Image credit: The Independent

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