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Britain’s royal family are opening up their famous off-limits areas for visitors to see.

For the first time ever, public guided tours will be offered from July to August through some of the areas never before seen by the public. This includes Buckingham Palace’s famous East Wing which features the famous balcony where the royals usually wave to the crowds below during historical moments.

The opening up of Buckingham Palace in London and Balmoral Castle in the Scottish countryside will only be temporary and follows five years of extensive refurbishment of the buildings.

Tickets for the guided tours inside Buckingham Palace will cost approximately R1,769 per adult and they must be purchased together with a ticket to visit the state rooms.

Balmoral Castle’s ballroom used to be the only part inside of the building open to the public. Tours usually only consisted of the grounds and the gardens. Balmoral will be open to the public for these once-off tours until the beginning of August when King Charles III and Queen Camilla will arrive for their summer break.

Tickets for the Balmoral tour are priced between R2357 and R3535 and include afternoon tea.

Image credit: Sky News

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