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A victim of a school shooting in Finland has died while two others are still in hospital.

The shooting took place just outside the capital of Helsinki and it’s believed that a 12-year-old pupil is suspected of the attack. The suspect has been taken into custody by local police.

The shooting comes a few weeks after Finland was voted the happiest country in the world.

The school is located in the suburb of Vantaa and has about 800 pupils. The grades range from first to ninth grade.

The victims, all of them 12 years old, also went to school with the suspect.

The suspect was arrested by police and the remaining children were taken to another school building a few hundred metres away from where the attack took place.

Once the suspect was arrested, parents were informed that they could collect their children as soon as possible. The school’s principal informed parents that “the immediate danger is over”.

This isn’t the first school shooting to rock the country. In the 2000s two school shootings took place at separate primary schools.

Image credit: Swissinfo

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