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Some of the biggest brands in the country and the world have decided to take April Fools Day to the next level.

This year saw brands like the cruise liner MSC and retail giant Woolworths choosing to go big rather than go home.

1 April is known for being the one day a year when it’s almost acceptable to make jokes and pull pranks on friends, family members and even your clients.

Cruise liner MSC took to Instagram to introduce its new zero-gravity cabin allowing customers to have a weightless experience by simply pressing a button inside the cabin.

“Discover the MSC zero-gravity cabin. A leap into the future of cruising, and designed for those seeking thrills beyond the ordinary. With patented technology, our new cabin allows guests to experience total weightlessness at the touch of a button.”

Woolworths decided to create its own collaboration with its famous chocolate snack Chuckles teaming up with its in-house beauty brand WBeauty to create an exclusive bath and beauty range.

Internationally, one rugby website announced that the International Rugby Board has decided to strip the Springboks of their Rugby World Cup title, while the American cookie brand Oreo it will be selling the middle cream part of its famous cookies separately.

Image credit: Travel + Leisure

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