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The 2024 solar eclipse created a few magical moments in some North American countries.

The first state in the United States to experience the natural phenomenon was Texas just after noon on Monday 8 April.

Not only did the few minutes of total darkness during the day cause excitement among people, but it’s also a rare phenomenon that will only occur again in the United States in 2044.

The eclipse was visible in Mexico first, followed by the United States and eventually in Canada where the final sighting was visible. Sightings of the solar eclipse were reported over the ocean as well.

Experts all over the continent warned those who want to experience the solar eclipse to wear protective eyewear. Without it, people could have experienced temporary or permanent eye damage. According to USA Today, even a partly shielded sun can still burn (the eye’s) retina.

The BBC reports that in the hours after the solar eclipse made its escape from public view, the number of people asking “Why do my eyes hurt” on Google skyrocketed.

Even White House staff members got together on the building’s roof to witness the phenomenon where only Secret Service members are usually visible.

Image credit: The Wall Street Journal

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