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The construction of new hotels will be banned by the city of Amsterdam. This was announced by the city’s local government.

“We want to make and keep the city liveable for residents and visitors. This means: No overtourism, no new hotels, and no more than 20 million hotel overnight stays by tourists per year. “

There are only three reasons why the construction or development of a new hotel will be approved. The reasons are if another hotel closes if the number of sleeping places doesn’t increase, and if the new hotel will be better including being more sustainable.

In a bid to decrease the number of tourists creating havoc in the city, the people of Amsterdam voted to ban cruise ships and close its cruise terminal permanently.

The Amsterdam City Council also ended guided tours that passed by the red light district as well as the use of marijuana on public streets.

In 2021 an ordinance was implemented called Amsterdam Tourism in Balance. When the number of tourists reaches 18 million per year, the City Council is obliged to intervene.

Image credit: DW

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