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A restaurant in the Italian town of Verona is offering its customers the chance to enjoy their meal without modern interruptions.

That’s because Al Condiminio has advertised that it’ll give a free bottle of wine to those customers who hand in their phones before meals.

Owner Angelo Lella said the plan was to open a restaurant that’s different from others.

“We picked this format. Customers can choose to renounce technology while enjoying a convivial moment together.”

He added: “Technology is becoming a problem. There’s no need to look at your phone every five seconds, but for many people, it’s like a drug… This way they have an opportunity to put it aside and drink some good wine.”

To get your free bottle of wine, you’ll be expected to place your phone in a box when you arrive at the restaurant. The box will be locked and the key handed to you. To claim the free bottle of wine, simply show the waiter the key.

So far, the restaurant has been given a lot of praise for the initiative, with many customers asking for the special offer before it’s even offered to them.

Image credit: Decanter

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