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Only two weeks after a rainstorm broke the record books in

Dubai, more heavy rains have hit the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Airlines was forced to delay and eventually cancel several flights in and out of Dubai, while people were instructed to work from home and students to study from home.

Last month’s rainfall triggered damaging floods in several parts of the Arab country while its neighbour Oman had at least 19 people killed. This includes 10 children who were on a bus that was swept away in the flood waters.

The city of Dubai was brought to a halt, something the bustling city’s people aren’t used to.

This time, residents and authorities were better prepared. The day before the rainfall, workmen could be seen opening drains on the streets of Dubai. Emergency notifications were shared across mobile phone networks.

CNN reports that scientists linked the record rainfall that hit the UAE and Oman two weeks ago to climate change. A team of 21 scientists and researchers found that climate change was making extreme rainfall events in the two countries between 19% and 40% more intense than they would have been without global warming.

Image credit: Bloomberg

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