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A man has driven into a gate at the White House in Washington DC. Seconds after it happened, Secret Service personnel arrived on the scene and discovered that the driver was dead.

The incident happened just before 10:30 PM on Saturday. When security tried to get the driver out of the car and give him first aid, they discovered that he was already dead.

Although no threat to the White House, security protocols were implemented because it’s standard procedure. The Secret Service will continue with its investigation into the incident and the Washington Metropolitan Police Department will look into the fatal crash part.

Anthony Guglielmi, communications chief for the Secret Service said just after midnight on Sunday that they were limited traffic closures in effect. Nearby police and emergency services were still in the area and remained on the scene for a couple of hours afterwards.

According to the DC Police Department, the driver hasn’t been identified yet but is an adult male.

Guglielmi added that there were no threats or public safety implications.

Image credit: NDTV

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