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A famous members-only club in London recently made headlines when a British newspaper revealed that it still doesn’t allow female members.

The Garric Club was formed in 1831 and was the topic of a news story published in the Guardian about the club not allowing female members. The newspaper published the names of a dozen members, including famous public figures in Britain.

One of its members was King Charles III. Other members include lawyers, producers, actors, theatre directors, and lawmakers.

It was noted that most of the members are white and older than 50 years.

It was then decided that the members of the club will gather and debate admitting women to the club. Almost 1,000 members voted and it was passed by 60% to 40%.

Some of the members threatened to leave the club is women weren’t admitted.

CNN reports that despite the vote, it may be some time before the first woman joins: the admissions process involves nominations by existing members and discussions among committee members, who are able to blackball anyone considered unsuitable.

The club is located in Convent Garden in London and consists of a morning room, coffee room, reading room, card room, billiards room, members’ computer room and roof terrace. The club also has 17 bedrooms, a members’ lounge and private rooms that are available for group events.

Image credit: Sky News

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