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The Gupta family has been called back to South Africa multiple times with increasing urgency as they are to face charges of allegations of state capture. The Gupta family, as well as Duduzani Zuma, have been avoiding the justice system by fleeing from SA to Dubai as reported.

However, Ajay Gupta was spotted in a hotel in New Dehli, India, this weekend, with eNCA reporting that Ajay and some family members were seen in Saharanpur following a stay in New Delhi.

The brothers were seen earlier this year hiding out in Dubai where South African businessman Justin van Pletzen confronted Ajay outside a business park in the emirate. Van Pletzen was then detained by authorities after the Gupta brother laid a complaint against him. Ajay then flew to India to attend a religious journey. One of the brothers’ nephew, Varun Gupta, was given the freedom by the court to travel to India to attend the religious event. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had opposed his travel overseas as it feared he would not return to face charges linked to the Estina Dairy Farm project scandal. He was ordered to return to South Africa by the end of the month.

The information regarding the lack of LOC came about after Ajay Gupta initially requested clarity on reports of a LOC. His request was made in reference to the Right to Information act, similar to a request made in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) that is issued in South Africa. After the Indian Intelligence Bureau took too long to respond, his attorneys addressed the courts, seeking an order to force it to disclose whether an LOC was issued or not.

While local authorities claim to be cracking down on the Gupta family, it appears that have made no moves to put the law into action.

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