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Date: 2018-02-12

Attempted Cyber Attack On The Olympics In Pyeongchang 2

Attempted Cyber Attack On The Olympics In Pyeongchang 3

All media streams connected to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was shut down including its website, TV and internet.

The US Department of Homeland Security had warned travellers that cyber attacks were very likely as: "cyber-activists may take advantage of the large audience to spread their message. There is also the possibility that mobile or other communications will be monitored."

The media streams were interrupted just before the beginning of the opening ceremony but were restored 12 hours into the day. Pyeongchang 2018 spokesperson, Sung Baik, was interviewed but remained vague about the situation saying: "There was a cyber-attack and the server was updated yesterday during the day and we have the cause of the problem. They know what happened and this is a usual thing during the Olympic Games. We are not going to reveal the source. We are taking secure operations and, in line with best practice, we’re not going to comment on the issue because it is an issue that we are dealing with.”

Mark Adams, head of communications of The International Olympic Committee addressed the media, also remaining vague but assured the public that securing operations throughout the Olympics would be kept as a priority but that there would be no information released on the situation as of yet. Speculators hinted towards Russia being responsible which the Russian Foreign Minister promptly denied and responded: "We know that Western media are planning pseudo-investigations on the theme of ‘Russian fingerprints’ in hacking attacks on information resources related to the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games in the Republic of Korea.Of course, no evidence will be presented to the world."

Although this is a regular occurrence at each Olympic Games, the committee has taken extra precaution to prevent further interruption.

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