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When it comes to songs aimed at children, it’s obvious that the words will be simplified, and repetition is a sure winner. While kids love it, it’s the parents who are the ones usually suffering.

In the spirit of trying to be a good parent, and seeing how much joy something as simple as a song can bring to your child’s face, you usually suck it up and enjoy it with them.

But the world was never ready for Baby Shark.

The South Korean hit was translated into English and uploaded onto YouTube in 2016. It has since been viewed more than 7 billion times.

Jacaranda reports that its YouTube success paved its route into the global music charts, reaching the number 32 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019.

There’s no doubt that the song has been a hit worldwide. In fact, it has also been reworked as part of a global effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. The reworked lyrics "Wash Your Hands" aim to teach kids the importance of personal hygiene in a time where it’s more important than ever.

While the song has brought about many belly laughs and smiling faces, it has also been used to do the exact opposite.

In Florida’s West Palm Beach, the melody is played on a loop. While you might think it’s to attract families, it’s actually aimed at discouraging homeless people from flocking to the public area.

Whether you love it or hate, chances are that the most-watched video on YouTube is now stuck in your head, doo doo doo doo doo doo. You’re welcome.

If you have no idea what we’re on about, watch the Pink Fong video below.

Image credit: How Stuff Works

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