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What would you do if you go to the bathroom to enjoy some quiet time on the toilet and a cobra comes out to say hello?

Well, that was the experience for this Cambodian man, Ray Sopha, who had a very close call when he spotted a cobra lurking in his toilet as he was about to use it.

Initially, he thought that someone, who had used the toilet before him, did not properly flush the toilet. However, he soon came to realised the that was not the case. It was actually a venomous snake lying in wait.

In the video he shared, water can be seen spinning round the toilet bowl after Ray uses the flush. But then, suddenly, the snake's head comes out and can be seen repeatedly flicking out its tongue. After the snake spotted Ray, it begins to wriggle further toward the surface before breaking through the water. Ray and his friend then start weighing up their options on how to approach this situation.

Ray soon rushes outside to call for help, after the snake rises out the water and flares its hood to attack. Upon returning to the toilet to get rid of the cobra, they found nothing. 

Since then, Ray and his family have not gathered up the courage to use the toilet again. He also placed a cover over the top of the bowl and drained it in a bid to stop the reptile returning.

"We've been using the other toilet in the house for the last week. We're not going back into that bathroom until we're sure the snake will not return. I'm relieved that I noticed the creature before I sat on the toilet. I've only seen such things happening on TV, I never thought it would happen to me in real life."

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