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Date: 2018-09-18

Parliament will still take up to 24 months to adapt the law to reflect all changes, however, individuals can now smoke cannabis privately in their own home in South Africa in the meantime.

The court not only upheld but expanded on Dennis Davis’ landmark judgement last year that adults using and growing cannabis in the privacy of their own home should be left in peace. And today the South African highest court ruled the ban on private possession, consumption and private cultivation of dagga at home unconstitutional. Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo also stressed that both selling the substance and use of it by minors is still illegal.

The Constitutional Court of South Africa wrote on Twitter:
"JUDGMENT: The criminal prohibition of possession, use or cultivation of cannabis by an adult person for personal consumption in private is an infringement of the right to privacy of an adult person and constitutionally invalid. (Minister of Justice v Prince)"



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