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There are plans in place to save water during this weekend's Cape Town Sevens in the drought-affected city of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Experiencing its worst drought in 100 years, the city and its leadership have been on a mission to find a way to get the citizens of Cape Town to save water. 

With over 115,000 people expected in and around Cape Town Stadium this weekend, as the Blitzboks look to win their second World Series tournament, measures are in place to ensure that no water goes to waste. 

At a press conference, held at the stadium on Wednesday, there were visible signs illustrating detailed water saving techniques. 

"I know that people don’t drink a lot of water at the Sevens ... they drink beer," Patricia de Lille, Mayor of Cape Town joked. 

“We will be having messages up on the screen asking people to save water. We have to ask you to save water so we can get through this drought together.”

De Lille also added that the players that are taking part this weekend had all been briefed on the crisis. 

“We have already put water measures in place so that in the bathrooms there will be signs up all over,” said de Lille.

“We know that the local Capetonians have already done so well in saving water, but we are ready. We have an emergency plan in place and everything is in place for the weekend.”

Keep an eye out for updates on the Blitzboks game!


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