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Date: 2017-11-08

Video: Cape Town Engulfed In A Fiery Nightmare Again 2

Video: Cape Town Engulfed In A Fiery Nightmare Again 3

Cape Town has been suffering severely at the hands of a water shortage due to the drought.

Residents have been pleaded to use water sparingly in the hopes of a solution to this problem shortly. 

However, the problem only worsened when gale-force winds hit the city, threatening the spread of fire due to the dry weather. The winds were expected to have died down on Tuesday, but they kept roaring on, igniting several large veld fires. A vegetation fire started in Lowry's Pass, leading to the evacuation of schools, houses and all facilities. The fire spread through Gordon's Bay led by the heavy wind. Power supplies have been cut in the Gordon's Bay area due to the carbon build up on the transmission lines and two substations have been engulfed by flames. 

The city of Cape Town and Eskom are working to recover electricity to the city but most residents had evacuated their homes. The fires have finally been contained but the situation remains tense as strong winds could worsen and spread the flames. 

Another vegetation fire started near Simon's Town on Tuesday night which has also been contained for the moment, although firemen remain on scene. Although Cape Town is well known for its wildfires, the dry 2017 has only made things worse and caused many fires earlier this year. Have a look at this compilation of photos of the Cape Town fires this year in the video. 

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