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As the City of Cape Town tries to manage the worst drought ever, the latest dam levels reports suggest "Day Zero" has once again been moved forward a week to April 22, from the last predicted date which was April 29.

The live broadcast, which can be viewed in the video below, is footage of Theewaterskloof Dam and shows the desperate state of Cape Town's largest reservoir.

Ray de Vries from Air Water, who is shooting the drone footage, is projecting that Theewaterskloof Dam – the dam that contains almost half of Cape Town's water supply – will dry up completely on 14 February 2018.

With dam levels at an average of 29% capacity, drilling equipment will start arriving next week to extract water from aquifers on the Cape Flats and the Table Mountain aquifers, in addition to extraction underway in Atlantis on the West Coast – according to the City.

The Cape Flats aquifer is expected to produce an extra 80 million litres per day, the Table Mountain aquifer 40 million litres per day, and Atlantis about 30 million litres per day.

It's a dire situation indeed.

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