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The water supply pipes in Bryanston, Marlboro and Morningside in Johannesburg, have been reconnected, although residents should expect low water pressure, Johannesburg Water said on Thursday. 

This after the utility said on Wednesday that it was conducting the largest burst pipe operation in its history. Sandton, Bryanston, Woodmead, Morningside, Alexandra, Linbro Park and the surrounding areas were affected.

MMC for environment and infrastructure services, Nico de Jager, said on Thursday that Bryanston extension 1, 2, 4 and 5, and Morningside had been reconnected. De Jager also said pressure would be low to allow for normalisation of the system.

He added that the water pressure in Marlboro might be at 10% to clear the water pipes in the system of any air to avoid further bursts. 

"We open the reservoirs very slowly and there is a reason for that. If the pipes are full of air and you now start opening it, that air must go somewhere." De Jager said setting the water pressure at 'full throttle' would lead to a dislocation of joints on the water pipes." He said, "all areas should have their water supply reconnected by noon on Thursday. The utility would leave Sandton for last because the suburb's system takes a bit longer to fill". 

It is a slow process, but we ask all residents to please be patient with us."

As of Thursday evening it appears most of those affected now have running water.

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