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We all enjoy the delicious flavour when a piece of chocolate melts on your tongue. However, how many of us actually know what a cocoa pod really looks like.

Thanks to a TikTok user, Sophia Rose, the world can now finally find out. However, I would say that we were pretty happy being blissfully unaware of its appearance.

In a video shared on TikTok, Sophia holds a cocoa pod, and then removes the nibs so that she can roast them.

The whole process has left people feeling "uncomfy", "terrified" and some even vowed to never eat chocolate again after watching the video.

Sophia says: "This is a beautiful cocoa pod and we're going to make roasted cocoa nibs. Inside are the seeds which have a deliciously sweet white coating. First step let the seeds ferment for five to eight days, this is gonna help give them that rich chocolate flavour. Next, we roast them and the shells will now easily come off."

She then starts to crumble the nibs which, according to Sophia, is her "favourite part".

Even though she was in the process of making some delicious chocolaty treats, several viewers simply couldn't get over what the pod looked like as it was opened up.

Several people compared it to a bug; ”I THOUGHT THAT WAS A GIANT LARVAE OMG."

Another said, "Why did I think it was some dodgy sea creature?", while one commented, "Am I the only one who thought this was an alien egg?"

"It looked like a bug," posted someone else.

Others, however, did not take it so well, as one commented; ”That made me so uncomfy I can’t.”


"Cool, I'm never eating chocolate again thanks." 

One viewer also added; ”Raise your hand if you're almost 50 years old and had no idea this is what cocoa looks like despite loving chocolate for your whole life.”

Who would expect a delicious chocolaty treat comes from slimy nobs? Well would you still eat chocolate after this?

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