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There is nothing as good as smelling the freshness of washed laundry and clean clothes. However, as time goes on, more and more people are using a tumble dryer instead of a washing line, but somehow that fresh smell is just not there anymore.

A cleaning fanatic shared her amazing secret to how she keeps her clothes smelling clean without using tumble dryer sheets.

Cleaning fan, Mrs D, shared a tip on how to keep your clothes smelling fresh on her Instagram page @mrs.ds.cleaning.reviews.

The first thing she stated that you need is a kitchen sponge which will help with the odour, and second, a fabric conditioner and a container with a lid.

"It's that time of year when the washing line is put away and the tumble dryer gets turned on. My tumble dryer sponges are prepped and ready for the Laundry today... your Laundry will smell amazing and you will no longer need to use tumble dryer sheets."

In the video she prepared, she places a sponge into a plastic box and then pours in two caps of fabric conditioner. She continues to use her favourite scent, which is lavender, and states that any scent of your choosing can be used.

In her next step, it is recommended to use rubber gloves or add a little cold water. The sponge is then pushed down in the container to absorb all of the mixture.

The next step is to slightly squeeze the excess mixture out of the sponge so that the fabric conditioner is not pouring out of the sponge. Place the sponge in the tumble dryer.


Fans were full of praise, saying they thought the tip was brilliant. One fan asked whether you should still use fabric conditioner in the washing machine, to which Mrs D replied that she always uses it when washing, even if she's using the sponges in the dryer too.

Another said the tip could be useful for her as the weather changes and she will have to turn on the tumble dryer more often.

And a third wrote: "The clothes smell of your favourite fragrance right up until they end up back in the washing basket.

"You've saved me so much money doing it this way rather than buy the tumble dryer sheets, which I don't think have the intended results."

The final step is to place a lid on your plastic container with the sponge which can then be used any time.

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