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Paris is known for its spectacular sights, romantic streets, and lovely canals. The latter has become very popular for Parisians and tourists to walk along and to learn more about this incredible city. 

However, for quite a while, the canals have been far from lovely and relaxing due to years of pollution. Authorities have recently stepped in and are trying to bring them back to the healthy state they once were in. 

The operation started at the most famous canals, the Saint-Martin Canal, which hadn’t been cleaned for 15 years.

Looking at the Saint-Martin Canal, you might think it is not polluted. But, underneath the surface, it isn’t all so perfect. Some strange things are going on. 

During the cleaning project, authorities found several unusual things infesting the waters. 

The first step of business was to make a dam so that the different parts could be separated. Several heavy machines were needed to achieve this. These included cranes and machinery around the canal, disturbing its usual peacefulness.

The second step was draining the water. The workers had to make sure they left enough for the fish that still live in the canals. To ensure the fish were safely rescued, workers decided to grab them by hand with long nets.

During the cleanup, some rare fish species were found and were relocated to a safe place where they will be taken care of. 

On one occasion, a particularly unusual number of rare fish was discovered that needed special attention. 4.5 tonnes of fish to be exact, which all had to be taken out and relocated somewhere else.

Researchers could evaluate the quality of the Paris waters, thanks to the fish they found in the canals. They gathered data and numbers from the fish, including how healthy and weighty the fish were. This helped scientists to get a better understanding of what happened in their lives and how things evolved in the French canals. It also led to a very unusual discovery of a carp that weighed more than 20 kilograms!  

Once all the fish were safely relocated, the workers were able to start the actual cleaning process. During this, workers found several unusual and creepy things down the canal. One of the most common findings included traffic cones. 

Going even deeper in the waters, the team discovered a shopping trolley in the Parisian canal, which appeared to have been there for a very long time. 

A logical guess would be to assume that some teenagers might have stolen it and then thrown it in the canal.

Another strange discovery was finding an office chair. Which, in this case, shows complete disrespect and carelessness for the wildlife that lives there. 

Bicycles have always been a useful and familiar mode of transport in Paris. 

These were yet some of the strangest findings. During the cleaning process, the team discovered a very high amount of bicycles that were chucked into the river.

The team has counted no less than 98 bicycles found in the canal.

Although the canal seems like a lovely place for a walk, the residents apparently do not understand that it isn’t a dustbin for their unwanted objects.

Other items found were identified as chairs, a mattress base, shopping bags and several unwanted tables. This is actually a scary sight and leads to the extinction of various fish species. It reveals that people are just thoughtless and selfish.

Some of the most mind-blowing objects discovered in the canal were several scooters. 

The more we look at it, the more you can see plenty of mysterious and inappropriate objects in the canal. Every day rivers, oceans and seas get polluted by lots of small things, such as beer cans and plastic bottles. It is very distressing since it creates irreversible damage to the creatures that live there. 

Even though trash cans can be found along the canal, the team concluded that people still use the waterway as a natural dustbin. The channel has not only been contaminated with some strange items, but they have polluted the waters with tons of beer bottles and cans.

The lesson to be learned from this is that we cannot keep on polluting oceans and rivers. 

Will people ever learn to start changing their ways and keep nature clean? This behaviour is seen all over the world, and pollution has become a very huge problem. 

Rubbish, similar to what we see in this canal, releases toxic chemicals into the earth. And that is bad for everyone. Not only does it affect sea life, but it also affects the trees and nature around us since they need to get water from the canal.

Just by seeing a canal, which is very small compared to the ocean, we must wonder how much more pollution our world can take. This is a shocking find. To see that humans pollute like no other creature on this planet is a disappointment. 

Pick up your trash and start making your environment a clean and healthy place to live in. Otherwise, we will not be able to survive much longer.

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