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Conspiracy theorist Bill Kaysing, pointed out a number of alleged inconsistencies in the world-famous footage of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the Moon.

There is "undeniable proof that the Moon landing was fake", according to one of the world's leading conspiracy theorists.

The first conspiracy theory about the Moon landing was made public in the self-published book named We Never Went to the Moon, which was written by Bill Kaysing in 1974.

Kaysing was a technical writer at space contractor Rocketdyne in the 1950s, and died in the year 2005.

Monday 20 July, marked 51 years to the day since NASA's Apollo 11 Space Mission, crewed by Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, landed on the Moon. The first time humans had ever managed to do so.

The former US navy officer insisted the Moon landings were filmed at a production studio in Area 51. He claimed he had inside knowledge of a government conspiracy to fake the Moon landings.

As the world watched the live sending of the first moon landing, the words which Armstrong uttered when he stepped on the moon for the first time; "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” has now become one of the most famous and immortal lines.

The incredible human accomplishment seemed almost too good to be true, and according to some, that's exactly what it was.

Now, in a recently resurfaced video which has been posted on YouTube titled Undeniable Proof that the Moon Landing was Fake, well known conspiracy theorist Kaysing says, with his years of experience working in the industry that the lunar lander would have left an "enormous crater" on the moon.

He said: "Having seen hundreds of rocket firings when I was employed by Rocketdyne, I know the jet of the lunar lander would have created an enormous crater. It would have scoured the Moon’s surface, it would have tossed up rocks, sand, everything and created a crater maybe so large that the entire lunar lander could have sunk into it. After all we are dealing with a 10,000lb thrust engine which is pointed directly at the surface, lowered into the surface and yet if you look at pictures of the lunar lander on the moon there is no disturbance whatsoever under the lunar lander’s rocket."

Kaysing added that, not only should there be a crater where the spacecraft landed, but dust would have been blown "six ways from Sunday and would have landed everywhere”.

He added that the noise made by the spacecraft would have also made it impossible for Neil Armstrong, to be heard while he was recording the landing.

"Here's Armstrong talking about landing on the moon with a microphone and yet he is practically sitting on top of a rocket engine that is putting out sound levels of 140 or 150 dB. Now, we know that that is absolutely impossible to overcome that sound level inside the lunar lander with a normal human voice."

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